Help in choosing a low memory & affordable fishing line

Help in choosing a low memory & affordable fishing line

Postby breckjensen on Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:49 am


I am very fortunate to be teaching a Hunter/Fishing Education class this year and as a result have some fishing trips planned. We went out today in K-Country and the kids had a blast regards of the ice on the lake and snow on the ground. My main question is this, can anyone recommend a type of line that is both affordable (school budgets) and has little to no-memory. I haven't bought line in years for my own rods and know that things have changed over the last little bit. We have about 30 rods that were gratefully donated to us by other users and a store but they aren't the best quality rods and subsequently don't have the best lines. I spent the better part of the day untangling, cutting, re-winding line due to massive memory in the line. I wanted to spend more of the day working on casting and reeling. I know we will eventually have to replace line, but would like one that can put up with lots of use. Small spool or big spool of line doesn't matter right now, eventually I would like to replace all the line.

Please help...

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